Veronica Meyer

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Director, Service Delivery and Operations

Veronica (Ronnie to her friends) has many multiple years’ worth of experience in all aspects of IT Support. Veronica’s career in IT started with training from Uncle Sam. She spent 3 years in the United States Army as a 72E20 or in English a Telecommunications Center Specialist. In addition to skills in spit shining boots she had a Top-Secret clearance and spent a year in Okinawa, Japan.

Veronica’s first real IT job was for ACCO Brands where she spent 11 years and did everything from Database Administrator to North American Network Manager. The last being the role where she and Jeff and Kathy met. A hands-on kind of person, she has worked as a Network Administer and a Director of IT where she has implemented networks, migrated systems and supported everything from Lotus Notes to ERP systems running on a AS400. If that wasn’t enough she had been using her killer SQL skills and business processes knowledge to implement and support a cloud based ERP system until Jeff wooed her back into the world of servers and workstations and project management.

Understanding the complexity of hardware and software and how to integrate technology and support business processes makes her uniquely qualified for this position. Not only has she worked with Leapfrog as a client for projects and support but she has the perspective of what it means to make the client happy and how to bring that to the team so they are able to see our world from the eyes of our customers.

Veronica holds no professional certifications at all (she just wanted to be judged on her ability) but she does have 3 degrees and had a 4.0 on her Bachelor of Science in Technical Management.