Jay Li

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Technical Lead & Senior Engineer – MCTS, MCSA

Jay has over 8 years’ experience in network, server and workstation design and management. He has multiple degrees and before heading to the US to get his Master’s degree at Depaul, he led the IT team for Ford Motor Company in China, supporting the Chinese subset of Ford’s global network. At Leapfrog, Jay uses those skills when Leapfrog’s support team needs to escalate a very complex technical issue.

When he’s not at work, he’s either with his wife and little daughter or he’s tearing someone apart at ping pong (not literally) or playing basketball at Depaul University in Lincoln Park with his college buddies and sometimes he drags a coworker along. Oh, and he loves Karaoke. Yes – he gave the team a sample – he sang a Justin Bieber song at the office. Don’t tell him we told you!